Insights for Success

Because knowing and sharing your story is the ultimate success platform.

Share your story. Like many people you have no doubt hear this seemingly compelling advice only to dismiss it. And yet, as the world craves more authenticity, more trust, and more connection, an inability to trace the arc of your career life puts you at a disadvantage relative to the people who can. Reduce your relative disadvantage and you increase your chances for success.

In fact, more than ever, the developmental path represented by your story validates the claims you make for the value you can bring, differentiates you from others making the similar claims – and more importantly, allows you to foster an emotional bond with the communities and clients you seek to serve.

Yet, even more, uncovering your story brings you personal clarity about career/life decisions that are a true fit for you.  In working on your story, you uncover your value, your “why,” and your backstory, achieving powerful insights to fuel your confidence in pursuing your goals. Insights for Success uses a storytelling framework that has proven effective in personal brand story development.  It is a collaborative process that combines self-directed introspective work with coach discussion for story discovery and development; and typically includes:

  • Coach review of resume and/or bio, and survey or assessment results (if available);
  • Initial 30-minute coach discussion of career and life path and goals, and preparation for individual work with the Guide to Brand Story Development;
  • Coach review of written responses to introspective question, with feedback and development question returned by e-mail;
  • One-hour coaching discussion of themes and key story elements that reveal your success DNA;
  • Coach review and commentary on first story drafts;
  • One-hour review and discussion of final draft;
  • Coach edit of final draft changes as the final deliverable.

The insights and story you develop in this process becomes the source code for success. Not only can you use what you learn to guide your choices, but your story supports you in shaping messages with your audience to show you’re uniquely qualified to serve them.

  • Pricing is $850.

If you’re ready to invest in Coaching for, or if you have questions, please contact me.