Career/Life Strategy

Because sometimes you need extra support.

No matter how successful you’ve been in running your career, you can run into challenges you feel hard pressed to navigate. Often you can get advice from a friend or from a trusted contact in your network. Yet, sometimes, you need ongoing support where turning to your network is not appropriate, or even risky. At times like these, it can help to get the perspectives of a coach who will help you think clearly about your situation, examine your options and potential risks, and craft a strategy to successfully move forward. With this in mind, Career/Life Coaching puts a coach on your team for supporting you through various situations, including:

  • Finding ways to achieve more career/life satisfaction, within a current position;
  • Enhancing your professional visibility in a way that serves you and your organization;
  • Launching a networking strategy aimed at developing industry and professional relationships with potential to open doors to new business opportunities;
  • Dealing with the sensitive internal politics that may be attached to success on a project, or even related to your career advancement;
  • Identifying career alternatives, and then planning and implementing a strategic career transition.

Career/Life Strategy is designed to be strategic, advisory, and focused on specific challenges that require ongoing coaching conversations.

  •  Pricing is $850, based on a five-hour minimum coaching agreement.
If you’re ready to invest in Career/Life Strategy Coaching seems right for you, and you want to discuss getting started, please contact me.