Enhance Your Online Visibility

Because success requires showing up.

There is an old observation that says if you don’t show up on Google, you don’t exist. And while there are a few people who still resist online visibility, most people are beginning to “get it.” That is, they realize, that at a minimum, they need to establish a LinkedIn profile that includes a photo, and is “optimized” with the right “key words” – not to mention building their contacts and joining a few groups. If this is as far as you’ve taken your online presence, you may want to take advantage of this consultation. Using this service, you will work with a coach to:

  • Assess your online visibility in terms of five critical elements for your online presence;
  • Determine the level and quality of validation that supports your expertise and credibility;
  • A review of your participation in various online communities;
  • Determine your specific goals in using social media;
  • Design and implementation of an online strategy that is built on five strategic principles;
  • Development of a media plan that will optimize your presence both online and off.

The consultation is conducted over the course of three 60 minute coaching meetings with screen sharing. In addition, you will receive a planning template, to capture your commitments to building your online presence. As well, if you submit your plan to your coach, you will be eligible for a six-month evaluation at no additional charge.

  • New client pricing is $650.
  • Price for Personal-Brand-on-Demand™Coaching clients  is $375.
If you’re ready to invest in Enhance Your Online Visibility, or if you have questions, please contact me.