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Are you ready to start managing your career for more success?

It’s No Secret

Lots of people want to know what to do to better control of their careers, and ultimately attain more success in their lives. Do you think that might include you? There are lots of reasons people feel this way. Here are a few:

    • Wanting to gain the kinds of experience provides a foundation for the future;
    • Making ends meet until the big break comes;
    • Wanting to be able to weather the economic risks and uncertainty;
    • Feeling there has to be a better way;
    • Lacking a sense of fulfillment or balance;
    • Seeing the “writing on the wall” for their company or industry;
    • Wanting to have more say in the work they do;
    • Enjoying better relationships with the people they work with;
    • Wanting to win more recognition;
    • Never having to worry about attracting new opportunities.

If you think you see yourself in any of these, I have another question: Are you ready to start managing your career for more success?

Running Your Career Is No Small Task

Believe me. I know. I bring lots of experience, knowledge, and perspective from

    • Navigating multiple career transitions of my own;
    • Coaching scores of professionals, managers, and executives for well over 10 years;
    • Sharing and learning from the practices of professional colleagues;
    • Writing, at my first career/life planning blog, on career topics like job transition, personal branding, and social media.

Begin To Explore If I Can Help You

My aim at Success Reimagined, is to distill my thinking and experience into short posts to provide useful information or perspectives on achieving career success in a world where we need to take ownership and be the architects of our own lives!

Here are a few of my recent posts:

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