Start With You

Start With YouWe live in amazing times. Today, with high-speed internet and mobile connectivity, we have access to ideas and people that far exceeds what we ever could have imagined, not so very long ago! We spend more time on line than ever – surfing, shopping, and socializing. We read reviews, get news, and even manage our finances!

Of course, we also make use of online resources to better manage our careers and business lives, as well. And if you’re like most people at mid-career, you already know there is no shortage of advice available. Maybe at times it’s too much. Don’t you think?

Regularly read career and business blogs or points of view in LinkedIn Groups, and you soon see that even the simplest of business practices have become complicated. A good example is introducing yourself. Today, preparing to present yourself to others seems to take almost Herculean effort, as you sort out the best structure for your elevator pitch. And for some people, maybe even you, the result is to get lost behind a flurry of words that leave other people baffled.

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