My People, Your People, and Lunch.

LunchHow often do you connect with your people? And just who are your people anyway? Yes, these may seem like strange questions. So, let me explain.

Recently, I referenced an old blog post of mine, and it made me think of a classic Hollywood line:

“Have your people call my people, and we’ll do lunch.”

I’m pretty sure you know this line. It’s kind of a cliché, actually. What it suggests is people can be so successful and busy that they need their assistants to manage their lives.

Yet, that’s not exactly how I mean it. [Read more…]


BelongingI don’t know how you see it, but when it comes to careers, I think most people are overly focused on finding, getting, and having. Sure, doing, connecting, and serving are seen as important too. But almost always as an afterthought. The logic, it seems, is that after you get and have work, you then focus on what you can do for the people you need to connect with and serve.

Yet, what if we were to turn that logic on its head?

What if we made career choices not about getting and having work that pays the best or brings the most prestige? What if we stepped outside the logic, and first considered how we could use our talents to make a difference to the community we are naturally connected to?

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