Get Better At Connecting with Others: Conversations Without A Net

Without A NetHave you ever had one of those momentary flash backs you just know dates you? I mean, really dates you? Recently, I did. It was in response to reading some networking advice that brought to mind a classic 90s song. You know, “things that make you go hmmmm….”

Included with standard advice, like exchange business cards and dress for success, was this gem: Memorize your elevator speech. Not only that, but the writer provided a recipe for what should be included; specifically, your name, web address, who you help, and what results you produce for your clients. Oh! And one more thing. The writer noted that you should deliver your (memorized) elevator pitch as naturally as possible.

Not only did it this “make me go hmmm,” but it seemed to suggest why people may resist meeting new people at events. Let’s face it. It is just too hard to be natural when you have to deliver a speech – even a short one! [Tweet This] So, if you’re not feeling you can do this, it can kind of discourage you from going, and from enjoying yourself if you do.

So, this got me thinking about some of the reading I’ve been doing on the craft of acting – particularly, improv. In his informative Acting for a Living, Roy McCrerey makes the point that it’s actors with improvisational training who are best suited to win work where roles call for people who come across as more real. Ironic, I know. Yet, the skills of improv can actually better prepare us for natural interactions than memorizing a pitch.  [Tweet This]

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Start With You

Start With YouWe live in amazing times. Today, with high-speed internet and mobile connectivity, we have access to ideas and people that far exceeds what we ever could have imagined, not so very long ago! We spend more time on line than ever – surfing, shopping, and socializing. We read reviews, get news, and even manage our finances!

Of course, we also make use of online resources to better manage our careers and business lives, as well. And if you’re like most people at mid-career, you already know there is no shortage of advice available. Maybe at times it’s too much. Don’t you think?

Regularly read career and business blogs or points of view in LinkedIn Groups, and you soon see that even the simplest of business practices have become complicated. A good example is introducing yourself. Today, preparing to present yourself to others seems to take almost Herculean effort, as you sort out the best structure for your elevator pitch. And for some people, maybe even you, the result is to get lost behind a flurry of words that leave other people baffled.

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