Achieving Happiness In Your Career

Achieving Happiness

Does your career bring you the kind of meaning and fulfillment that supports your happiness?

I ask because I so often receive inquiries from people who tell me they’re not happy. They say things like,  “I’ve struggled to find a career I’m truly happy in, and feel discouraged.” Or, “Unfortunately, I’ve made too many decisions based on money but not happiness.”

I could share more, but you get the idea.

Frankly, while career choice matters, finding happiness is journey that involves some more fundamental habits. In fact, I would even go so far as saying, and I’m not alone in this, you need to choose your happiness first. Still, in my coaching work, I find the happiest people are the ones who are able to connect what they do to a deep sense of purpose in pursuing a vision for the world. And for these folks, the true measure of success is not the size of their office or paycheck. Rather, it’s the achievements that regularly result from their determined effort to fulfill their purpose.

Take Sean, for example.

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