Could It Be Time For You To Get Real About Your Career?

girl with two faces“Oh, come on, get real!” Chances are good that you’ve heard this from friends more than once in your life. Me too. In fact, you’ve probably offered up this gentle guidance yourself. I know I have. Actually, I’m about to do it again…

Like a lot of people, you’re no doubt aware of lots of realities about the world of work. You know the results your company expects of you, you know you need to be prepared for your annual performance appraisal, …and you know making your boss look good is usually good for your career. You also know you need to give office gossip at least some credence, you know you have to watch your back, and you know you’re expected to do ever more with even less.

And most importantly, you know how to fit in. After all, it’s something you’ve been doing most of your career.

Actually, like many people, you may have gotten so caught up in your career adventure that, even now, you may be as eager to fit in to your profession, industry, and organization, as you were on day one. Over time, this desire has been reinforced by seeing that if you perform well, and have a little luck, your career advances. You also get to keep your job, and you become even better at doing what’s expected.

Sure, it can be difficult at times. Generally, however, you’ve progressed in your career by being astute enough to figure out what others want from you – and agile enough to provide it. Yet, I think this kind of success holds a danger, and it’s this: You form a picture of yourself that meets work specs, even if it’s several beats short of who you truly are. [Tweet This]

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