Are You Defining Success By What Matters To You?

Word definition successfulHow often do you stop to think about your success? How do you define it? As you may have surmised from the name of this site, I’ve broadly reimagined success as “your career, your life, your way.” It’s a position that has guided me for a long time, and is rooted in my philosophy of personal responsibility: “It’s your life, own it.”

I’ve lived much of my life based on this idea. So, I tend to take for granted that true success is achieving meaning and fulfillment based on personal choice and self-direction. It’s my bias, and has shaded my perceptions, making it easy to see evidence for it in my work with clients, over social media, and especially in what I read.

Believing that conforming to defined roles in compliance with organizational authority limits freedom, I saw in Dan Pink’s Free Agent Nation, the dawn of true independence. Added to the mix was my work in personal branding. I saw with many clients that “permission to be yourself” resonated. It made sense in helping them map their career strategy, stand out, and gain more visibility and credibility.

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